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Saturday, September 20, 2008

HOW LONG have i not blog in this sia.. hahah!!! totally ignore it's presence LOL!! 

anyway, uni life is very busy, even if u are in arts schools or business school, everyone got projects and deadlines to meet.. ZzzzZZzz

anyway, i have to go back to do my stuff le :( 


love is floating in the air

Thursday, July 24, 2008


i had enough of it.

love is floating in the air

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

yoz i'm back~ hahaha! seriously, i dont think i will blog much about what's going on in my life, coz i feel that it's abit private, so i wont share it in my blog. hahaha and you seldom see me blogging about my feelings or emo stuff either :P so the alternative is, blog about the funny things that i've come across.

so today, there's one :D it's from Straits Time, 2 July 2008, under the spotlight section.

Title: Student gets 2 marks for using the f-word correctly O.o (looks interesting? read on...)

A british high school student was awrded 2 marks for writing nothing but a two-word obscenity on an exam paper because the phrase expressed meaning and was spelled correctly.
(er... that's appalling =.=. Ir's from British somemore. wow... )

The student, who wrote "f*** off" after being asked in an english exam to "describe the room you are sitting in", got 2 marks out of 27, and would have scored even more if he had added some punctuations, chief examiner ... told the Times.
(seriously, i want that examiner. LMAO =D i cant imagine what my marker's face will be like if he/she saw F*** off.. woot! and why would a high school paper have a question like that O.o?? )

"it would be wicked to give it a zero because it does show some very basic skills we are looking for, like conveying some meaning and some spelling," (the examiner) was quoted saying.
(see what i mean by i wan that examiner :P)

"It's better than someone who doesn't write anything at all."

(the examiner) is a senior examiner for assessment and quailfications alliance, one of the serveral bodies that graded british high school exam, and the incident took place in 2006.

... the alliance said obscenities on exam papers "should either be disregarded, or actions taken against the candidate, depending on the seriousness of the case."


HAHA! that's interesting. but i think this is just an isloated case la. but the exam question is really... you know what i mean :P

okok that's all folks! I'm going to watch wimbledon quater finals le LOL!

love is floating in the air

Sunday, June 08, 2008

hahaha i seriously need to update my blog =P i've been addicted to facebook now (coz its's so much easier to upload photos in facebook than in blogger)

anyway, i had a great time last week and went to jurong east swimming pool with darling. its really fun with all the facilities there and i had become the joke of the day =.=!! hahh i kept falling off the float and my actions were really stupid:P hahah after that we had the famous bah ku teh in jurong.

ohoh, i;ve also been to the henderson park connector with him(at dont know which day). the view was really nice, but it would be even nicer if it's at night! hahah!

haha, i seriously dont know what to blog about siaz! ohoh, i was introduced to this video clip by lincoln. pls go and listen to it! its SOOOO nice :D hhaha if i'm not wrong.. it's 6 songs combine into one! freaking nice!


hahaha enjoy peeps!
thats all for now~

love is floating in the air

Saturday, June 07, 2008

I JUST HAD A WISDOM TOOTH EXTRACTION!!! LOL! it wasnt as painful as i thought ( or rumoured)

hahha but now i am busyig watching the semifinals of french open! nadal is into the FINALS (YaHoooooo!!!) and now federer is playing against an unseeded player.

okok i shall go back watching le! federer isnt playing well now :(



love is floating in the air

Thursday, May 29, 2008

hahha okok i blog for the sake of blogging... or maybe this will be the post to start the momenturn of blogging (more in the future) :D what rubbish! LOL

ah well, first and foremost peeps, i am entering NTU NANYANG SCHOOL OF BUSINESS!! hahaha! the reason why i didnt chosen pharmacy is because Pharmacy dont really suit my character? i find it abit boring (and i am not the onli one). erm.. the tea session (or they call it the induction session) didnt leave a good impression on me. and one of the senior's ppt questioned my so-called "passion" for pharmacy. he wanted us to know that we shouldn't choose pharmacy because 1)thats the next option if i failed to enter medicine and 2)its for the money! THAT'S exactly what i was thinking when i choose pharmacy. LMAO!

so ADIOUS~ pharmacy and Hola~ NBS LOL!! Happy ending!!

arghh.... but mani of my friends are entering NUS :( JOO WEN!!! we are isloated from the rest!!

Whatever =D [gosh that whatever sounds so bitchy]

OH! and guess what! GSS SALES IS HITTING THE STORES~ WOOT! it onli began this week (or somesay last week) and i freakingly spent $357, thats is $357, for:
1) 2 pairs of shoes ( 1 cream-coloured heels & 1 white flats)
2) 1 top (or some called it a dress. its cream in colour with chocolate-coloured designs)
3) 1 red tube ( finally a red top! yes!!! )
4) 1 yellow blouse
5) 1 flora-design blouse ( i loved this one the most ;) )
6) 2 shorts (one brown one black)
7) a white classy and elegant handbag
8) 4 sets of pirrer cardin undergarments (tat's bought quite recently)
9) a basic set of comestic (which consist of a brown eyeshadow, one eyeline, liquid foundation, a brush, and some cheap comestic stuff la)

HOLY CRAP! since when am i sooo goood atttttt shopping! and i bought all this within 4days so shopping? OMG!! this surely makes it into my own record!

$357 *pooff* in 4 days time. I am really good at spending my money =X (onli $60 is from my mum)

And now i am feeling poor :(

okok thats all for now! hahha! this is more than i have expected! LMAO!!

(in russian, Paka means goodbye :P . so use that to trick your friend hahahah!)

love is floating in the air

Sunday, April 20, 2008

AHHHHH!!!! i am pissed with myself... why i keep falling sick! mornoic! freaking idiot!

and then recently i realised that my effort isnt really appreciated.. i know somehow this will happened. but whatever!

freak... i am ranting alot recently. -.-!!! think its either i am always feeling unwell or i didnt have enough sleep! that really gets on my nerve!

whatever...... all i know is that i must, and will recover! WOOT! optimism is always my way of life!!! wakakakak!

hahah! that whatever makes me laugh.. coz that time katie was asking what drinks we wanted, and eileen said "whatever" kai xian said "anything". so she really but whatever and anything LOL!! heng i didnt say anything.. although she bought me mei zhi shui.. -.-!!! hahhha!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE!!! i cant wait for our dinner session!!

love is floating in the air